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Lottery results on your phone

Didn’t Win? We’ll give you stuff anyway !

Your lottery result Instantly on Your Phone. How?

Step 1: Buy lottery Tickets
Buy lottery tickets
Step 2: Snapshot ticket with Yoolotto
Snapshot ticket with YooLotto
Step 3:
You’ve won $2Win? We tell you
Win Screen
Win money? We tell you.
No wininingLose? We give you stuff
Looser Screen
Didn’t win? We give you stuff!

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What People are Saying

  • "If you play the lottery, then this app is a must have! I have used this app every day since it first came out, to keep up with my lottery numbers and check my numbers. It is easy and simple to use. I love that I can manually enter my numbers, I love that I don’t have to run and check my numbers, and I LOVE THE SECOND CHANCE of winning prizes with my lottery tickets. With every update this app just gets better and better! You guys have made playing the lottery easier and FUN!" YooLotto User – Daniel Hubbard
  • "I haven’t been able to use it because I’m in Florida but looking over the app and the features that it has I can’t wait for me to use it down; I wish I could see when it will be available in Florida." YooLotto User – Jimmy Rivera
  • "Such a great idea! I am going to buy more lotto tickets now!" YooLotto User – Cbear87
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